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Memories to Cherish Through the Generations

Our Story

For those of you who don’t know about our story, I thought I would share! We are Generations Quilting Studio because of this amazing woman right here. This is, as many refer to her, “Grandma Great”. My 96 year old grandmother who is STILL QUILTING! She has taught not only my sister, my cousins and myself how to love the art of quilting but she has made thousands of quilts and still to this day makes charity quilts for unwed mothers, the homeless and children who are burn victims in the hospital. She has made and donated 100’s this year alone. She is our inspiration! We still meet every Saturday for our traditional quilting day and take on all our projects as a family. Quilting is not only our passion but it is our family time. We are 3 generations of quilters! The second picture is “Grandma Great” featured in Country living magazine with her quilting friends in 1993.



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