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T-Shirt Memory Quilt

T-Shirt Order Instructions

Please Deliver or Ship the front or back of the T-Shirts only. Cut the Sleeves and Collar area away leaving a wide margin of fabric around the design. It saves a lot of shipping cost if you just mail the T-Shirt pieces. We will cut the pieces all the same size to ensure the quilt is uniform and straight.

Ship your pieces along with the printable order form to:
Generations Quilting Studio
1330 Clairet Dr.
Westfield, IN 46074

Please fill out the order form online and submit along with the $50.00 Deposit
Pricing includes woven Fusible Stabilizer, batting, and professional Machine Quilting. Please include fabric back or…The GQS can provide the fabric back for a $25 charge.

Send any special Instructions in the Comment section of the order form

Please let us know if you have a special Theme in mind for your pattern. We will contact you
with the choices within your Theme. Example: butterflies, hearts, fishing ..etc.

We offer 2200 different patterns